Seeking Berlin Apartment

I am a New Zealand writer looking for an apartment to rent for myself, my wife and our apartment-trained cat for 6-12 months in Berlin, to write, and work, and be inspired.

There are some cities to become lost in, others where perhaps you can find yourself in. To me this place has always been Berlin. It’s a place I’ve returned to again and again. Art, music, film, history, it all has happened here. Berlin is a deep well of inspiration. Berlin has special significance to us as we also spent our honeymoon there.

We love Charlottenburg and Schöneberg, places near the Kudam are close to our heart, but so is the East and the places undiscovered, so anywhere really. We’re looking for somewhere affordable (circa up to 750), light, creative (with a bath) from March 2017.

If you have the apartment for us, please contact me



‘I still keep a suitcase in Berlin.’

– Marlene Dietrich, 1957