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Life Changes Ep.1

Alena, my wife, has epilepsy. In November 2021 she suffers an unknown, undiagnosed medical event which leaves her with damage to short- and long-term memory, her academic work on hold, and our lives changed, perhaps forever. This video series documents our journey…

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The Darker
Edges Of Life

Cowboy & Tribe is an anthology of paradoxes.

Strangers at a crossroads meet in an airport. A killer couple on the prowl contemplate murderous choices. A cowboy seeks redemption across time. An art-terrorist unveils her final work. A teenager goes on the run with a pickled, talking fetus in a jar…

Atoms crash together, orbit, intertwine and dissolve.

Absurd, poignant and disconcerting, each story touches on loneliness, the search for happiness, and the often extreme measures necessary to achieve it.

Cowboy & Tribe Book Trailer

Shane Filer

Novelist and Comic Book Writer

The author of the novel Exit from Biblio Publishing, USA, I also write comics, and direct advertising and corporate videos.

I like oranges, orange juice, and orange furniture—in fact even the color orange. Why? Well, because it’s the best color, of course.

In my lifetime I have picked up a Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing from Massey University, New Zealand and a penchant for collecting cats.

Exit Reviews

It's a tale that gives you food for thought, and gives you a little insight on a condition a good many suffer from in real life. Shane has created a character in which anyone can relate to. Briar's vulnerability and insecurities come across very clearly, and it's not that hard to feel for her as she tries to overcome the adversities coming her way. I'm definitely looking forward to more of Shane's future works. Thanks for a truly engrossing story!


The (male) author does an incredible job of getting inside the minds of his female characters. He also has a wonderful poetic way with words, e.g., "The low red moon glows hypnotically, a burning fire in the quiet blackness." I absolutely loved this book and look forward to more from this author.

Lynda Dickson

The book is very well written--and very dark. There are violent scenes, uncomfortable subjects--and not much room for happy endings. I was drawn to read through the pages, surprised by several of the scenes--and certainly caught up in the characters' ups and downs. It wasn't the book that I expected--but, I wasn't able to put it down until I reached the end. I would definitely be interested in reading more from this author in the future.

AJ Thompson

Briar, helped me to understand the mental anguish, the internal conflicts and conversations people leaving with phobias, depression and low self esteem live and cope with. Briar is quite a character and tries to hold it together but being in her skin seems so hard. Filer does a great job at painting a vivid and compelling picture of what people with these struggles go through daily. I have a Briar in my life and although this is a work of fiction, it has helped me to understand that world in a tremendous way.