Seeking Preston, Bradford or Bournemouth Apartment

I am a New Zealand writer looking for an apartment/flat to rent for myself, my wife and our house-trained British Shorthair cat for 6-18 months in Preston, Bradford or Bournemouth, UK, to write, and work (and be inspired by the country).

My wife has been accepted for a masters programme in all 3 universities, but we need to find somewhere to live in one of these 3 cities. Soon.

Not so easy so far. 50% of places seem not to want a cat. Albert is cleaner than many humans. See below. Agencies seem to want us to fly to the UK to go to a viewing. Not realistic. We’re in another country.  We’re currently living in Berlin, Germany so need somewhere to move straight into. Happy to chat on skype first. We were even looking at staying in hotel, but try taking a cat to a hotel… and we’re not leaving him.

It would be annoying for Alena to be accepted to university, but we can’t find anywhere to live.

We are not too picky, and are easy going.

We just want somewhere affordable (circa up to £700), light, (with a bath) from late August/1 September 2017.

I’m a novelist, I write comics in the UK (Commando), and advertising, so somewhere with a bit of a creative feel to quietly work would be nice.

If you have the apartment for us, or know someone who might, please email me


Shane and Alena


We heart clean and tidy. Here is our current apartment:

So does Albert. He couldn’t get much cleaner.