Stories for the Literarily Disturbed

Story is the dominant sound in our lives, from the small echoes of the day’s events, to the complex symphonies of realpolitik. Story gives us purpose and makes our lives not only meaningful, but eventful.

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Ugly Beautiful is an anthology of paradoxes. Absurd, poignant and disconcerting, each story touches on loneliness, the search for happiness, and the often extreme measures necessary to achieve it. A youtuber at a crossroads, a killer couple on the prowl, an art-terrorist unveiling her greatest work, a sister facing unbearable loss, a teenager with a pickled, talking foetus in a jar... Lyrical and dark, mixing black humour with the humanity of every day, Ugly Beautiful is a set of stories which will linger long after the final page is closed.

Who Am I?

I’ve had a novel published in the US along with comics in the UK. I’m Shane and I'm a writer. It took me a long time to confidently say that.

A recent brush with death made me acutely aware time is against us—and I better damn well finish some of the stories important to me.

To stop writing material for other people. Or what I think might sell. To instead write things important to me—so that if I vanished tomorrow—I’d leave work I like. Hopefully someone else will too.

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